Sanitation and Drainage


Improved sanitation play a major role in the overall well-being of the people, with a significant bearing on the infant mortality rate, death rate, longevity and productivity.
As much of 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Toilet usage is extremely poor in rural areas of the country; only 14% of the rural population has access to a Toilet. Most of the villages lack proper drainage system and Solid waste management system.
Among the most important elements of the rural sanitation package provided by Dakshin Foundation are:

  • Construction of toilet in every home.
  • Installing common STP ( Sewerage Treatment Plant) in rural areas
  • Constructing & Upgrading the drainage systems
  • Creating awareness of sanitation standards, health impact of unsanitary conditions and proper disposal of waste water. Recent studies have shown the importance of washing one’s hands with soap as it reduces diarrhoeal disease by 43 per cent
  • Safe handling of drinking water and scientific and safe disposal of night-soil, rain water, domestic liquid and solid waste management

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