Rural Infrastructure


A large section of the country’s rural population is still far from main roads and National highways. Many rural communities are isolated by bad road conditions especially during rainy season, mud roads, potholed, lack of or broken bridges and inadequate transport. Lack of proper infrastructure results in slow economic resource flow and increased logistical costs.
In recent years India has looked to watershed development as a way to realize its hopes for agricultural development in rainfed and semi-arid areas. These areas were bypassed by the Green Revolution and have experienced little or no growth in agricultural production for several decades

Infrastructure development under Dakshin Group Foundation mainly consists of the following:

  • Constructing & upgrading rural roads and connecting them to main roads and national highways
  • Upgrading mud (“Kaccha”) roads into tar (“Pakka”) roads thereby improving agricultural productivity, higher employment opportunities and substantial benefit to farmers
  • Construction of watersheds, overhead tanks and borewells for storage and efficient utilisation of run-off water during rainfall while conserving natural resources
  • Use of groundwater to generate crop-growing area, through re-harvesting mechanisms such as tanks, farm ponds, contour bunds and structures such as gully plugs and surface detention in depression

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