Purified Drinking Water

Drinking water Schemes

Water – the essential ingredient for life on this planet – is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, 2 billion people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. Although access to drinking water has improved, the World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water. Every day an increasing amount of pollution seeps into rivers, lakes and ponds making them toxic for humans. Women spend lot of time to travel far off places for fetching the water.

To increase economic productivity and improve public health, Dakshin Foundation is vigorously working towards enhancing access to safe and adequate drinking water. The Foundation is working towards:

  • Installing water purifying plants at the centre of a village community to provide every rural person with adequate safe water for drinking, cooking
  • The basic requirement should meet minimum water quality standards and be readily and conveniently accessible at all times and in all situations
  • Access to clean and safe water will helps rural families enjoy better health, as the spread of water-borne disease is reduced
  • Avoiding the troubles taken by women or children for carrying water from far places. They can use the time spent by engaging themselves in income generation and education.
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