Purified Drinking Water

Water - the essential ingredient for life on this planet – is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, 2 billion people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. Although access to drinking water has improved, the World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water. Every day an increasing amount of pollution seeps into rivers, lakes and ponds

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A majority of Indians from economic weaker sectors and in rural areas cannot afford quality healthcare and nutritional food. 1 in 3 of the world's malnourished children lives in India. Malnutrition is destroying the basic fibre of our nation’s future generation and demands immediate attention. The need now is to go beyond the green revolution and bring about the nutritional revolution in the country.

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Education is a fundamental right of every person. India has over 184 million children enrolled in primary school today. Did you know that over 50% of them drop out of school by class VIII ? Some drop out for economic reasons; some, because the quality of teaching is so poor; some because of lack of basic infrastructure, like decent classrooms and toilets. Dakshin Foundation helps children from underprivileged sections of society, gain access to quality

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Rural Infrastructure

A large section of the country's rural population is still far from main roads and National highways. Many rural communities are isolated by bad road conditions especially during rainy season, mud roads, potholed, lack of or broken bridges and inadequate transport. Lack of proper infrastructure results in slow economic resource flow and increased logistical costs. In recent years India has looked to watershed development as a way to realize its hopes

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Healthy people creates Healthy nation. It’s popularly said ‘Health is Wealth’. Following this age old principle Foundation is engaged in the following: Construction & up-gradation of all the Community Health Centres and other medical institutions Organising Medical Camps and conducting health analysis Creating awareness about hygiene, health, family planning & sexual education Educating about common & chronic diseases and their prevention Distribution

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Economical Weaker Section (EWS) Housing

In India, private developers primarily target luxury, high-end and upper-mid housing segments, since they fetch a premium over low income housing. On the other hand, housing for the poor and EWS is primarily provided by the government for welfare purposes. Hence, there exists a huge dearth in the supply of affordable houses primarily demanded by this income group in India. Dakshin Foundation addresses this issue by Construct houses with basic amenities

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Renewable Energy

Under non conventional energy sources, Dakshin Foundation promotes construction of Bio-Gas plants in the selected Villages. These plants convert the bio degradable waste, weeds/plant wastes and cow dung in Bio-gas. The residue from dung-based biogas plants makes a good fertiliser with minimal smell. It saves time and drudgery of women. Biogas reduces indoor air pollution because it burns with a clean flame. This means that women do not have to breathe

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Sanitation and Drainage

Improved sanitation play a major role in the overall well-being of the people, with a significant bearing on the infant mortality rate, death rate, longevity and productivity. As much of 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Toilet usage is extremely poor in rural areas of the country; only 14% of the rural population has access to a Toilet. Most of the villages lack proper drainage system and Solid waste management

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I – Connect

Access to information and more importantly, the internet is not evenly distributed in any part of the rural communities Internet access and mobile facility is increasingly becoming as critical to economic development as other infrastructure factors such as energy and transportation Dakshin Foundation is working towards extending facilities in providing internet & mobile connection facility in rural areas by installing Internet parlours with a

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Rural Development

The primary challenge of development in rural India is the skills deficit of the local population. Education and vocational training help villagers earn a sustainable livelihood. Dakshin Foundation is engaged in Organizing Technical & vocational courses so as to upgrade the skill set Training camps will be organised for destitute women and youth. They will be trained in skills which can be used for income generation Conducting meetings, seminars

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